Company Wide Goal

With BizMerlin it will be very convenient to set a company wide goal. BizMerlin’s “company goal” feature provides transparency for company targets to all the employees.

By using the company goal, you will be able to set a goal which will be visible to all the employees.  Employees can track the progress of company goal. This can also be used as a tool to engage all your employees to work collectively to achieve a specific goal.

It is created in the same was as any other goal but just specified as a “company goal” so that all the employees become audience of this goal. Just like other goals you can specify the start date and target date of that particular goal and you can also set the current value and target value of that goal.

You can inform the company employees about the company targets, so that all the employees work together as a team to achieve the target. Each employee has different skills which help the employees to achieve the targets.

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