Gender Diversity in BizMerlin

Message from CEO- Dr. Amrinder Arora

For generations, the corporate world has largely adopted a male definition of leadership. I am a firm believer that women are just as ambitious and career driven as men, but they tend to have a different perspective on life. When we were starting up, one of my female colleagues on our executive committee presented herself for the first time by saying, “I am a woman, a mother, and a wife. And I am a Tech Lead at BizMerlin.”

And taking the cue from this, we have put in place an ambitious strategy towards gender diversity in the workforce and have worked tirelessly to raise the level and variety of skills through training.

Building women through the ranks

Gradually we have been able to build up our bench strength of workforce in such a way that we can promote more talented women to management and leadership positions in our operations. This is quite evident from the gender distribution pie chart for the year 2016.

But this is not the time to stop, we still have a long way to go, I am proud of our progress, and the hard work and commitment of teams around the world.

We don’t run in thousands but I thoroughly believe that when core values are built while still young and small, they lead to a stronger organization as they grow. The teams are their strongest pillars and that is why at BizMerlin, we call our employees are resources.

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